Visiting the ancestors

Great day visiting my ancestral home on the River Boyne, County Meath

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Today friends and I visited my ancestral home on the river Boyne in county Meath. A place I have not visited since I was a teenager, when our family use to picnic here.

The castle was built for the D’Arcy family in the mid-15th century and marked the western edge of The Pale.

A drawing of 1795 shows the castle intact, however it was burned during the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

Now only the two southern towers and some walls remain.

This is the crypt inside the church at Dunmoe Castle with a vaulted roof and then steps down below into the burial chamber.
I found this rather macabre sign of past lives in the grave yard today. A full and intact tooth of a past life. A reminder that life is but fleeting and we are all just passing by.

… and soon we all become ancestors.

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