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Below is an audio interview by Maurice O’Keefe of Irish Folk & Lore with Paul in June 2012. Commissioned by Fingal County Council ; they discuss all aspects of the artist’s life.

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Audio interview about the life of artist Paul D’Arcy

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An introduction to the ‘Celestial Puddle’ collection.

“This is a selection of work that deals with the momentus scale of our universe reflected in the beauty of the smallest things. The paintings deal with the cycle or flow of life. I have used a number of symbols within this work ; the water lily , orchid , eggs and children all swirling within space and in that implied time.

Like most artists I draw from my own life and experience when looking for material to use within my art.

As an artist and person I am an explorer. I get endless pleasure from dealing with the complications of painting. My work must have a visual beauty to attract and continually interest me. When working on a canvas I’m interested in colour, line, space and shape. All these elements combine to create a rhythm to the finished work.

Canvases in general consist of surreal settings. The concept behind these works is to reflect visual thoughts or ideas.
As most people can see when viewing my work – one is never too sure if they are in water , space , underwater , above water or on solid ground ….. this is done to create a magical world within the paintings where nothing is as it seems………
water in itself is a very important symbol to me……………. because it is the giver of all life.

Paul D’Arcy

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