Commission a still life painting

Still life commissions are stories which involve painting someone else’s precious possessions and therefore make very interesting paintings as a result. It is a window into a patron’s world and the resulting still life can mean as much to the person receiving it as a portrait.

Coffee and a Bun
oil on canvas … 24 X 20 inches

As always consultation is required before the commission can be started. When commissioning a painting the following will be discussed and agreed before starting the painting – composition, medium, size, frame, budget and delivery date.

STILL LIFE PRICING … for an oil painting completed & framed. There are three still life guidelines outlined below to give you an idea of the pricing.

1. Still Life oil painting with up to 3 objects
(approximate size 10 x 12 inches) 450 euro

2. Still Life oil painting with up to 3 objects
(approximate size 16 x 18 inches) 800 euro

3. Still Life oil painting with up to 5 objects
(approximate size 24 x 20 inches) 1,200 euro

to enquire about commissioning a still life.

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