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“Commissioning a painting or sculpture is one of the greatest compliments a person can give to an artist because it shows an admiration for their work , but much more importantly places a belief and trust in that artist. This trust is something I as an artist hold in the very highest regard and as a result will strive to give the very best of myself to that person.” says Paul

Before you commission an artwork from Paul the following points will be considered and agreed – location , scale or size , budget and delivery date.


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Capturing that special landscape can bring back beautiful memories.
The commissioned painting can be either a work from photographs completed in studio or plein air (outdoors on location). Generally a combination of the two works best. Commissioning a painting is all about communication.

Shenick Island , Skerries by Paul D’Arcy

LANDSCAPE PRICING … for an oil painting completed & framed.

Guide lines outlined below will give you an idea of pricing. Naturally if you require a specific size this can be accommodated.

1. Typically a small Landscape oil painting is 490 euro ( 10 x 12 inch canvas )

2. A medium Landscape oil painting would be 850 euro ( 16 x 18 inch canvas )

3. A larger Landscape oil painting would be 1400 euro ( 20 x 24 inch canvas )

TIME SCALE : These paintings can be completed within a two week period but are dependent on Paul’s work load at the time.

The addition of a figure/s to a landscape painting can make an artwork more personal. ‘Figure in landscape’ paintings increase the above quoted guide prices depending on the complexity of the composition and will be agreed before a commission is started. It is important to understand that the figure/s can only be a representation of the individual/s and are not a portrait painting.

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One of Paul’s exceptional abilities as an artist is to capture a sympathetic likeness in a portrait.
He achieves this by working from photographs & life with the person in question.
His personal approach and interaction allows him to get to know the person and as he puts it “is a crucial element to achieve a true image of a person.”

portrait of actor brendan gleeson by artist paul d'arcy
Actor Brendan Gleeson – Celestial Waltz II by Paul D’Arcy

A portrait can involve painting the sitter in their own environment, which adds to the sense of the person. All commissioned paintings in the end are a collaboration between the artist and the client.

Over the years Paul has also painted a number of portraits posthumously.
This is a delicate matter and is handled with the greatest of respect. If you want to get a painting made from a photo , a variety of photographs is helpful to capture the essence of your loved one. All this can be discussed in consultation with Paul.

When commissioning a painting the following will be discussed and agreed before starting the painting – composition, medium, size, frame, budget and delivery date.

PORTRAIT GUIDE PRICES … for an oil painting completed & framed. There are a number of portraits types outlined and priced below :

1. BUST PORTRAIT … typically concentrating on the head (approximate size 20 x 18 inches) 1,000 euro

2. HALF LENGTH PORTRAIT … typically concentrating on head and shoulders (approximate size 30 x 24 inches) 1,500 euro

3. THREE QUARTER LENGTH PORTRAIT … typically concentrating on Head , shoulders and hands and also possibly in a setting ie. on a chair in a room.
(approximate size 30 x 50 inches) 3,000 euro

4. FULL LENGTH PORTRAIT … typically concentrating on Full length portrait, Head , shoulders , hands and feet and generally in a particular setting ie. a room or landscape
(approximate size 72 x 40 inches) 5,000 euro

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Please note guide prices are also dependent on the complexity of the composition.

Group portraits, such as family groups, can also be commissioned.
These are more time consuming paintings and as a result are that bit more expensive and are depends on the number of figures, complexity and size.

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TIME SCALE : Commissioned oil portraits because of their complexity tend to take a couple of months to complete.

Pet and animal portrait painting

Pet and animal portrait painting is also a speciality of Paul and the perfect way to capture your pets and have those memories forever.

The cutest portrait I’ve been commissioned to paint in quite awhile – a pet portrait.
“Harper” , oil on panel , 63 x 50 cm

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Commissioning a sculpture from artist Paul D’Arcy is a process of consultation and collaboration between you the client and the artist in which time is given to all aspects of the sculpture. Paul has created sculpture in bronze, stone , wood and other materials for private clients, architects, landscape architects/designers, public bodies, community groups and associations. For more information visit commissioning a sculpture.

contmplating-man-by-artist-Paul_DArcy 6

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Painting still life is great to do during the winter period because the weather outside is generally too cold to work outdoors in Ireland.
“I enjoy accepting still life commissions because it involves painting someone else’s precious possessions which are always very interesting to me. It is a window into their world and on some level is a ‘shy’ portrait of themselves.” says Paul


STILL LIFE PRICING … for an oil painting completed & framed. There are two still life guide lines outlined below to give you an idea of the pricing.

1. Still Life oil painting with up to 3 objects
(approximate size 10 x 12 inches) 450 euro

2. Still Life oil painting with up to 3 objects
(approximate size 16 x 18 inches) 800 euro

3. Still Life oil painting with up to 5 objects
(approximate size 24 x 20 inches) 1,200 euro

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…. and for the investment minded people …..

Tax Advantages of Buying Artwork in Ireland.

Capital Allowance Wear & Tear
Legislation S284 TCA 1997 states:

Section 2
Where a corporate or individual tax payer buys a work of art and displays it at their business premises for the purpose of promoting their business, the work of art is treated as machinery or plant, and is eligible for the annual wear and tear allowance of 12.5% on a straight line basis.

It is recommended that you consult your accountant in relation to art related investments and where necessary approved by the Revenue Commissioners.

Please feel free to contact Paul regarding any idea you would like to discuss without any obligation on your part.

artist paul darcy


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