Ireland’s Big Egg Hunt 2013 for the Jack & Jill Foundation

This is a short video of the finished egg for the Big Egg Hunt , in aid of the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation

The title of the work is “Celestial Waltz”

The composition consists of the actor Brendan Gleeson

observing a baby floating simultaneously in space and water.

The baby holds a dandelion , which is giving birth to a planet ….

A famous photo taken by the Hubble space craft in 1995 titled “pillars of creation” is the setting to the painting. These columns are interstellar hydrogen gas and dust that act as incubators for new stars. Inside them and on their surface astronomers have found knots or globules of denser gas. These are called EGGs (acronym for “Evaporating Gaseous Globules”). Inside some of the EGGs stars are being formed.

… oh and the shark’s part in this ‘play’ is to give a sense of cosmic time to the piece and environmental harmony.


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