Fish Bubble

Fish Bubble Sculpture – proposal

The concept of the Fish Bubble sculpture is to remind people of the beauty of the sea and the riches it holds. It gives life, sustains life and accounts for seven tenths of the planets surface

This sculpture is a reminder to all of us that the health and well being of the sea’s environment is critical to the well being of the land. This can easily be forgotten because as humans we live on the land.

Scaled 360 view of Sculpture.

The bubble relates to the world as a whole and the precious space in which we all live. The fish in the sculpture are all silhouettes of fish native to Irish waters.

The bubble in the centre allows the viewer to see through the sculpture unifying both sides of the work.

It is envisaged that the construction material for the sculpture could be created from a combination of two sets of materials.

Combination One :

Specialised coloured concrete for the bubble structure and Corten steel for the fish silhouettes.
(Cotten steel is a group of steel alloys which were developed to eliminate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance after exposure to weather.)

Combination Two :

Portuguese limestone or Carrara marble for the bubble structure and cast bronze for the fish silhouettes.

The scale of the sculpture is envisaged to be
4. 5 m in height, 4.3 m in width and a depth of 1 m.

The scale is important to relay the vastness of the sea.

Enquiries :

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